5 Steps on How to Train a German Shepherd to Potty

The process on how to train a German shepherd to potty is a very important training to teach your dog about. This will make your dog a responsible pet. Also, this will prevent you from cleaning up his mess all around the house. Below are the five steps in training your dog to potty. First […]

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5 Important German Shepherd Training Tips

Having a German shepherd puppy or adopting an adult German shepherd dog is most likely to give you a great feeling of security. However, if you have them as your pet loitering, running, and playing around the house is just not enough. You have to train them. This is for them to become well-mannered dog […]

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3 Major Advantages Why Train German shepherd

It is a very nice experience to have a German shepherd dog as a pet and a housemate. Just thinking about the fact that he is around the house or beside you brings a sense of security and comfort. It is because a German shepherd is popular for of its extraordinary strength and wit. However, […]

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5 Helpful Tips on Crate Training German Shepherd

If you are in dilemma where and how to start your home-based crate training German shepherd program, you are not mistaken to have opened this article. The following are the five helpful tips in crate training your Shepherd dog. First thing to remember in crate training German shepherd is to find the best and suitable […]

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Four Major Benefits of Training a German Shepherd

Training a German Shepherd is the best decision you do if you want to be a responsible pet owner. It is because German Shepherds, though they are considered as intelligent animals still need training in order to develop and condition his mind and behavior to fit in the world of humans. Moreover, a well disciplined […]

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Why is My German Shepherd Crying at the Middle of the Night?

There are different reasons behind your German shepherd crying issue. In realty, a dog’s crying issues are only visible during its puppy years. Aside from its being insecure of its small size, it can also be because of fear, anxiety, hunger, and sickness. Your shepherd dog might start crying at the middle of the night. […]

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Major Reasons Behind German Shepherd Scratching

Having a pet like that of a German shepherd is not only a great experience but also a challenging one. It is because this kind of dog has an incredibly large size. That means that you have a great responsibility for its grooming and hygiene issue. If you want to know, there is one common […]

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